Consumer Guidelines

Hydra believes that consumers must get the best out of its products. Hence it has evolved a set of consumer guidelines. These guidelines, when followed , ensure optimum and trouble free Performance of Hydra products for year to come.

  1. Keep the number of bends in the pipelines to a minimum and make it travel straight and vertical as far as possible. More then required numbers of bends throttle the pressure of water.
  2. All the supply lines must have vent pipes. These vent pipes help in remoting air-locking in the water supply to give a smooth flow of water from the fittings.
  3. Use 25m piplline rather than 20mm to ensure better water flow and to overcome reduction in dia of pipelines due to scaling inside the pipeline.
  4. Place the outlet point in the overhead tank at least 25cm above the ground level of the tank. This prevents the flow of forign paticles, sand etc. Along with water supply into the fittings and thereby preventing a possible damage to the working parts.
  5. To protect the fine finish of fitting from dirt stains and other damages, cover them with cloth/ polypack after their installation till they come into actual use.
  6. Clean the areators provided in the items at regular inervals for a perfect flow of water from the fittings. To clean the aerator, remove it, knock out the sliver insert & rinse thorough with water.
  7. Do not use harsh cleaning agents containing abrasives & acids. Instead use a soft sponge or wet cloth with soapy water/diluted vinegar to protect the chrome finish.
  8. Clean the overhead tank thoroughly before the supply starts. It is suggested that the over head tank must be cleaned regularly to avoid deposition of foreign particles.
  9. Please buy Hydra products from company's authorized dealers only to ensure genuine quality material.
  10. Insist on genuine spares from company's local service centre or its authorized stockist in case of any repair or replacement.
  11. Look for Hydra laser logo on all hydra products.
  12. For any type of technical or service assistance, please contact the nearest Hydra branch office, area representive or dealer.

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